Give Once … Help Twice

Spring Matching Challenge

More of our neighbors — families fighting to escape poverty, even homeless veterans — are on the streets with nowhere to turn for help. Over time, they tell us, it gets harder for them to get back on their feet. Many become stuck in a terrible, spirit-crushing cycle of hopelessness. We’re doing everything possible to ensure that people who need help most can get it. But your partnership is crucial. When you give to the Rescue Mission now, your gift will automatically qualify for special matching funds. You’ll provide food, shelter, and other life-transforming services for TWICE as many men, women, children, and veterans.


Your gift of $20
becomes $40


Your gift of $50
becomes $100


Your gift of $100
becomes $200


Double your gift. Double your impact.

  • Transform more lives in Orange County!
  • Your gift provides more than a meal.
  • Feed and care for TWICE as many people in desperate need.

Orange Country Rescue Mission is an approved 501c(3). Your donation is tax-deductible where allowed by law. For every dollar given, 83 cents goes directly to the cause. And only 17 cents of every dollar is used for administration, communications and fundraising.