School may look different for the homeless students at Orange County Rescue Mission this year, but we are determined to make it the best yet. In order to support the 61 homeless, school-aged children living at Village of Hope, we need to hire a full-time teacher and two teaching assistants, convert office space into additional classroom environments and purchase all the necessary equipment and furniture. This will enable students to continue their education via distance learning. With your support, we can make sure our students are set up for success.





  • Create long-term solutions to support homeless students during distance learning.
  • Give parents in our program the opportunity to stay on track.
  • Modify various spaces on campus to create fully equipped classrooms.
  • Add proper staff to support students in their studies and keep them focused.

Orange Country Rescue Mission is an approved 501c(3). Your donation is tax-deductible where allowed by law. For every dollar given, 83 cents goes directly to the cause. And only 17 cents of every dollar is used for administration, communications and fundraising.