Share Easter Meals and Hope!

The powerful message of Easter is that it’s never too late to find new life in Jesus Christ. With your support, a homeless neighbor in need can receive critical services including shelter, help with life- and job-skills, and, of course, Easter meals. You’re helping us share hope and making it possible for someone to find help, overcome homelessness, and make a fresh start — all because you gave a $1.48 meal.


Provides an Easter meal for 15 people.


Provides an Easter meal for 50 people.


Provides an Easter meal for 38 people.


Helps us provide more than a meal!

  • Make Easter a season of transformation for homeless people in Orange County.
  • Fill an empty stomach today and give hope for tomorrow!
  • Help others experience God’s love this Easter.

Orange Country Rescue Mission is an approved 501c(3). Your donation is tax-deductible where allowed by law. For every dollar given, 83 cents goes directly to the cause. And only 17 cents of every dollar is used for administration, communications and fundraising.