Denise’s Story


Denise’s mother left her and her siblings when she was young. Her dad was not involved, and from 8 to 18, she lived in a variety of foster and group homes. But they could not provide what she needed most — the love and stability of a family.

“I was angry at God, at myself, at my mother. I prayed, asking God to bring my mother back to me.”

But her mother never came back.

At the young age of 13, her anger and heartache drove her to gangs and drug use. Denise constantly ran away from group homes, and slept in garages and alleys. At age 18 she attempted to get her life together, but abusive relationships and pregnancy kept her from moving forward.

Seven years later, she came face to face with an intervention from God. Denise knew that if she didn’t change, her children were destined to live the same life without a family.

Denise entered a rehab program to get sober and decided to come to the Rescue Mission. During her time with us, she has earned her high school diploma, completed job skills training and focused on her faith. Denise’s children are also with her at Village of Hope, thriving in our hybrid education program.

“This program is like no other. It has saved my life. I don’t think I could have done it without the Rescue Mission and God. I want to say thank you for everything.”

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