Change Lives This Christmas!

For hurting men, women, children, and veterans in Orange County who face hunger, homelessness, or addiction, Christmas may end up being anything but merry. But your gift will satisfy an immediate need and help spark hope to lead them on the journey toward transformation.

Provide 20 meals


Provide 30 meals


Provide 50 meals


Provide 100 meals


You choose!


  • Help our neighbors who are struggling to find food, safe shelter, to overcome addiction, and more.
  • Any gift you give will make a life-changing impact this Christmas.
  • Share hope with a hurting, lost, or broken soul here in Orange County.

Orange Country Rescue Mission is an approved 501c(3). Your donation is tax-deductible where allowed by law. For every dollar given, 83 cents goes directly to the cause. And only 17 cents of every dollar is used for administration, communications and fundraising.